Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Can't view devices and printers.

Laptop cannot view devices and printers. The machine states 0 items.

Solution 1
Start print spooler service under Windows Services

Solution 2
Start blue-tooth service under Windows Services

Monday, 8 April 2013

Suspected internet scam

I found the following on the internet and it smelled like a scum all the way
The link to the website is


The scum seems to try use the hype that is has been created by the new Konza city that is being advertised and promoted by the government . Konza city is a city that the Kenyan government hopes will spiral the country to being the technology hub of the region . The city will be have a highly connected fiber cable infrastructure and the core businesses operating in the city will be IT firms.
 The scum offers jobs to prospects in the form of IT support jobs and states you follow the below link


The page asks you to deposit 8 USD with a bank account no provided . Rule of thumb in internet jobs is no employer asks for your money to consider you for a job unless its a recruitment agency.
The links at the top of the page are none operation .Which implies a shoddy job and a reputable agency would have noted flaws like that .

Saturday, 2 February 2013

airplane mode android

When i first got my android,once i put my phone in airplane mode then i forgot. Took me so long to figure out whats wrong with the phone. Talk about embarasing.

network ip ping sniffer software

Found a tutorial and sample code and improved on it. I call it "node it all"
current version: V 0.1
It asks for an Ip network section then searches for hosts in the network it defaults to 192.168.0.xxx  network
I made a console aplication to just sniff ips + network names
download link
node it all

Future improvements a windows app that can save availability and remember nodes and notify if a link that is always on if its down

know which data point

PROBLEM :On a live system and you want to check out a single point with minimal interaption. If you can‘t tell which data point is which on a network cabinet .

SOLUTION: fastest way is to have someone stand near the switch .Unplug the patch cord while the machine is turned on .Do that 3 or 4 times and the other person checks which point goes on and off on the switch. And you know which port to work on.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

programing for droids in droids

Took me an entire month searching for this finally someone was crazy enough to think it and code it .I mean an app that does just that programming android apps inside of android.I found a couple of apps that do just that 1. AIDE
       2.SIGMA SCRIPT - lua scripts on android

With a large enough screen you can have yourself a fully fledged android development platform.Something like a tablet on note. But smaller screens are ok.This coupled with some free android programming books and you are good to go.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Oh my God another update

   I think all code on a software should come as a single package .No updates .What updates means is that we build software so crappy and bogous that we cant wait until the next major version or service pack to fix all the holes in our software. Take win 7 for example , all those security updates just render the machine slower and the likelyhood of being unable to start .Its the single thing that cursed windows 7. Nice that windows 8 is coming but its own problems. They seem to solve problems from the previous version then onto the next one.
      But dont be fooled  win 8 under the hood isnt that differrent from vista. What I mean is past the different interface . They learnt there mistake by marketing xp sp1 xp sp 2 xp xp 3 as the same product so the inovation was made to create more money by changing intefaces and making it seem like a completely different OS. But if you work with all three it feels the same and the undelying mechanisims are so alike.Anyway the problems of windows gives me a job figuring out whats the problem